Saturday, February 27, 2010

What I am working on

I have a great opportunity to make a quilt for a friend who was one of my first teachers.  Wendy Butler Berns.  She won the Patterson Pierce award in Houston this past year.  So next year she gets to curate and exhibit of her work and her students work.  She asked me if I would like to participate.  Well, you know me.. I always love a challenge.  The challenge here is that this is the largest quilt I have every made.  On paper right now it ei 52"x63"... it has to end up with the smallest side 50".  I have to use a technique I learned from her.  I have used her technique in quite a few of my quilts.  So I took a photo of my daughter and this is what I am coming up with.  In the third photo I have the freezer paper templates ironed on the fabric.  So the fabric is behind the paper.  At the top I segmented 2 of the rays coming down on the paper but, then decided not to do that.. so the top 2 rays are just that..  If you hold it up to the light you can get a feel as to how it is looking.. When it is all assembled you take the freezer paper off... Wendy has a book that details this technique.  You can see the book on her website here  Of all the books I have this is the easiest book to understand.  The photos are incredible and the step by step directions couldn't be better..

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Welcome to my Blog

I decide to start a new blog just on my quilting and fabric arts.  I'm going to post my last post that I had on laurasartontherun.blogspot   I somehow messed up that blog but, will keep it for family and other blogging...