Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I won!! Second place..

The Ben Franklin Store in Oconomowoc has Quilt Fest this weekend.. about 6 months ago they put together a package of 5 fat quarters together for the contest.  The contest is to use the fabrics in a quilt.  These are then judged before the show for first second and third place.  Last year I took second place with my Drazil quilt.  This year I took second place with Zuri.  I knew right away what I wanted to do with the fabrics.. I have been wanting to make this quilt for sometime.  I found the photo online and got permission from the photographer and the owner of the photo to use it.  It all worked out great.  I was done with the giraffe's and decided I didn't like the quilt.. I tweeked it a bit and lo and behold it was better.  I finished it and took it to the store.  While I was working on this quilt there was a baby giraffe born in Green Bay.  The sad thing was the baby died about 36 hours after being born.  The mother's name is Zuri.  So I decided to name this quilt after her.  The show starts on Friday and runs through Sunday.  I'm soooo excited.. here is a photo of the fabrics I had to use and my finished quilt. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Finished and moving on...

I just finished my quilt for the Ben Franklin challenge.. these are the fabrics we had to work with.  I will post a photo after the judging next week sometime. The show is the first weekend in Oct.

And now I am starting a new quilt using a photo of my poocher girl, Rosie.. she is a Blue Heeler Cattle Dog.  And this will have something to do with my quilt.. it is for a challenge.. here is the photo and I will keep you updated as I work on it.. After finishing my quilt of Jessi I feel as though I have lost something.. I had so much fun working on that quilt and now it is gone.. but, I will see it soon in Houston.  It's like a child moved out of my house.. Weird.. ( yes, I am)... I dropped off my quilt today for the Olbrich Garden show in Madison ( I just got it back from Quilt Expo last week in Madison).  And now am ready to finish my mixed media object challenge for the Milwaukee Art Quilters.  It is all ready to quilt.. So...I have a few projects in the works.. Oh and making a pair of "Loud Pants" for the Loud Pants Luncheon in Houston with a bunch of Loud Pant wearing quilters.  Thanks to Robbi Joy Ecklow for setting up this event.. I heard is a bust..