Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I won!! Second place..

The Ben Franklin Store in Oconomowoc has Quilt Fest this weekend.. about 6 months ago they put together a package of 5 fat quarters together for the contest.  The contest is to use the fabrics in a quilt.  These are then judged before the show for first second and third place.  Last year I took second place with my Drazil quilt.  This year I took second place with Zuri.  I knew right away what I wanted to do with the fabrics.. I have been wanting to make this quilt for sometime.  I found the photo online and got permission from the photographer and the owner of the photo to use it.  It all worked out great.  I was done with the giraffe's and decided I didn't like the quilt.. I tweeked it a bit and lo and behold it was better.  I finished it and took it to the store.  While I was working on this quilt there was a baby giraffe born in Green Bay.  The sad thing was the baby died about 36 hours after being born.  The mother's name is Zuri.  So I decided to name this quilt after her.  The show starts on Friday and runs through Sunday.  I'm soooo excited.. here is a photo of the fabrics I had to use and my finished quilt. 


norma said...

Congratulations on on your win! It's a lovely quilt. I thought at first that you had cut out a zillion tiny squares and then I realized that it was the challenge fabric. said...

Gosh I love that quilt. Beautiful. Great job..congrats

ann said...

Very inventive use of those materials. Surprised you didn't win first prize.
Ann in Brunswick [not Lewiston], Maine