Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Milwaukee Art Quilters Challenge "Estranged Love"

Months ago a challenge was proposed.  We each put a common object in a brown paper bag and put them in the middle of the room.. Then each of us picked a bag.  Whatever was in the bag was to be used to create a quilt.  It didn't have to be on the quilt.. And the quilt had to be mixed media.  I received a Lotus Pod.  I just loved it.. There were many different things like cotton balls, sequenced flowers, pen and paper, votive candle just to name a few.  I was in home group one night and sketched out my design.  Blocks, and rectangles.. and I knew I wanted to put a lotus flower somewhere in the middle.. Well, the Lotus Flower turned into a Lotus pod.. Three of them.  I bought a few more at the store and my husband cut them for me.. I used the original one to stamp paint on the fabrics. And I used the ends of the cut ones to stamp too.  I put in silk taffeta, dyed silk, cotton and made stems out of raffia, printed words on Lutradur and my snow dyed fabrics along with Wendy Richardson's  over dyes.. This was a fun quilt to make.. There is no piecing in this quilt it is done by using Wendy Butler Berns technique of using freezer paper templates.  I love her technique...!!  All of the quilts that the girls made were pretty incredible.  Amazing how you can take and object and use it for inspiration for a quilt.