Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Gallery Show

Hi all,  I took a trip up north this past weekend to drop off some quilts for a gallery show.  The gallery is wonderful and the people running it are really doing a good job.  The show starts next Sat. and runs thru February 25.  I took 4 of my quilts and 4 of my girlfriends.  If you would like more information please go here

At the webpage there is a photo of my quilt Triple Trillium that I had in the gallery last spring.  I stayed for part of the judging and they quilts were really impressive.. Mostly traditional but, a few art quilts.  There were also clothing.  I fell in love with a jacket this one gal made.. now I have to go back up in a couple weeks to see if it fits and possibly buy it.. I know my husband loved it so good chance he might buy it for me... These are the quilts I have in the show..

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Unknown Spirit

I am very pleased that one of my quilts was chosen to travel with the new Alzheimer's Exhibit.  the exhibit is called Alzheimer’s Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope.” 
My piece is called The Unknown Spirit.  I made it during the stay at home challenge during the Houston show a couple years ago.  Those of us who couldn't go to Houston made a quilt for AAQI.  This is what I wrote about my quilt and why I created it. 

I was sitting in the waiting area of a mental health facility reading my quilting magazine.  As I was sitting there a man and his mother came in. She was there 
( I found out later) for her check up. She has Alzheimers.  She had asked her son very timidly," how old am I ? " He replied," 80 years old."She continued in disbelief on how the time has gone by so quickly. After she took a very short walk down memory lane she asked again," how old am I?"...
her son replied," 80."The women was so sweet and it just seemed so sad to me. I'm naming my quilt
THE UNKNOWN SPIRIT... for these unknown people who are dealing with this disease we call Alzheimers.