Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Class at Antoinette's on Thread Painting

 Last weekend I taught a thread painting class at Antoinette's quilt shop in Plover.  It is a great little shop with wonderful fabrics, notions, a nice class room and a huge long arm machine.
The gals at the shop and I decided on thread painting on a panel with leaves and flowers.
I started the students off with just free motioning the veins on the leaves and maybe adding a little curly cue here and there.  Then we went on the the flower.  Using mostly corresponding thread to the color of the flower they began to fill in from the center of the flower.  Just with a back and forth motion.  Adding their own little touches as they felt more comfortable.  We worked on smaller daisy type flowers.  Everyone did a really great job.  I think they learned some techniques and alittle
something about threads and needles.  There were a few gals unable to come to the class that day so we may set up another date in 2012.  Hope to see you there.. It was loads of fun!!